Building Management

Your residential building is where you call home, and you want it to stay in top shape – with a smooth, functional operation and a high-quality, aesthetic presentation. It takes a lot of tedious hard work to keep an entire building running efficiently. At Gold Building Management, we’ll remove this stress from your shoulders.

Read on for more information about all the reasons to hire our professional Building Management company and how we operate.

Why hire a Building Management company?

Every person has their own unique specialty or skill, whether it’s a profession or recreation. Our main expertise is to maintain, manage and develop buildings, with a hands-on approach. We excel at managing your building so that you can channel your energies and time into your own personal and enjoyable ventures.

When upkeep of your building falls to the wayside, it’s your investment that will depreciate. Building maintenance is a critical way to protect your assets. You made the decision to invest into your Jerusalem property, and now the small cost of hiring our building management team will go far towards appreciating the value of your apartment.

Many people advertise themselves as certified repairmen, yet we’re not fooled by marketing. We know where to find the most dependable professionals. We’ll hire the best maintenance crews and workers to preserve, fix and renew the physical structure and decorative features of your building.

What services are included in our Building Management?

Our work is all-compassing, from the simplest of tasks to the most complicated jobs. We’ll take responsibility for:

  • Cleaning: we’ll keep your building and grounds neat, clean and litter-free.
  • Gardening: professional gardeners and landscapers will preserve your landscaping throughout the year, keeping grass, trees and shrubbery trim, and seasonal flowers in bloom.
  • Plumbing: an expert plumbing team will check to verify that water is heated properly and flowing smoothly with adequate pressure and no leaks. Especially with older buildings, a top-quality plumber is critical for any necessary repairs.
  • Electric: we contract only licensed, qualified and trustworthy electricians for any wiring work or repairs, and optimal energy-efficiency is always taken into account.
  • Elevator Maintenance: nobody wants to get stuck in an elevator. In addition to responding to any complaints, we’ll be on top of periodic elevator checks – before disaster strikes.
  • General building maintenance: from changing the hallway lightbulbs to oiling the front door hinge or lock, we keep an eye on all the little things that need to be considered regularly.
  • Painting: the climate in Israel can be harsh and extreme, and surfaces generally suffer a great deal of wear and tear. A fresh coat of paint in the lobby and hallways does wonders for making a great impression on anyone who walks through.

In the event of a building emergency, how can we be contacted?

You can always reach us:

  • Our office is open daily from 8:00am to 3:00pm.
  • For after-hours emergencies, call: 0526569565
  • In addition, a service call can be generated on our website at any time.

As soon as your problem or issue is resolved, we will notify you via SMS.

Who controls your building’s bank account?

We will collect scheduled dues regularly from all building residents. These funds will then be deposited into the existing Va’ad Bayit (Building Committee) bank account. As your building management company, we will hold Power of Attorney on the account.

What is cost of our experienced management service?

Our all-inclusive cost is partly dependent upon the size and particular requirements of your building. Always calculated reasonably to match your benefits, it varies between 50 NIS to 100 NIS per apartment, per month.

How do we start working together?

The first step involves getting to know each other. 

A representative from Gold Building Management will meet with representatives from your building’s Va’ad Bayit committee, along with any residents who are interested in participating. We’ll inspect your building thoroughly to create a detailed report about the condition of the structure along with any pertinent information about the history of the building. Residents will be encouraged to express their expectations about the type of management they want, including complaints and specific suggestions on ways to improve upon the building’s function and appearance.

The topics discussed in this meeting will be categorized as either “Urgent” problems that need immediate attention, or “Long-term” issues that need to be addressed and resolved. An organized work plan will be generated based on the specific demands. Once this agenda is finalized, we will propose an appropriate budget for the building. Representatives from your building will need to approve the budget, and then we’ll get started with managing your building perfectly!

TAMA 38 – Coming Soon!

We are proud to announce that we will shortly be offering Jerusalem building management services for TAMA 38, a “National Outline Plan” that aims to fortify existing buildings in Israel against earthquakes. According to how this plan works, structures that do not conform to current Israeli safety standards and building codes will be identified. (A vast majority of buildings constructed before 1980 do not hold up to the present standards.)

Special permits will then be provided for the defined buildings, which enable construction additions to the pre-existing designs, along with many significant tax reductions and exemptions. These incentives are being offered as a way to encourage the commitment to securing old buildings against earthquakes, as well as to help defray the costs.

Buildings in Jerusalem that are approved for the TAMA 38 project generally benefit from a number of structural and exterior upgrades, such as:

  • Covering the surface of the building with Jerusalem stones
  • New fences and entrance pathways, enhanced garden spaces
  • Replacement of outdated sewage system, electricity, gas, communications and water infrastructures
  • Renovation of entrance foyer by an interior designer
  • Installing a more advanced elevator
  • Replacing and improving water-heating tanks
  • Addition of another bedroom to each apartment, along with a fortified Mamad space
  • Addition of a balcony onto every private apartment
  • Modern renovation of the building façade
  • Reserved parking spaces
  • Coordination, aesthetic and structural, between all pre-existing parts of the structure with the new additions